Welcome to DIGITEXPRO 
Leader in advanced Professional Permanent Make-up Technology.  DigitexPro  is Designed by Micropigmentation Technicians for Micropigmentation Technicians 
Our fully automated and sophisticated design created to combat many of the issue that arise from other machines on the market.  
The ability for the machine to automatically stop the hand piece from vibrating once it is returned to its cradle.  This feature elimiates the need for a foot pedal to be used and also eliminates the mess of cords that can offen become a burden when you are trying to consentrate on your client.  
The smoothness of our German Engineered handpiece will make implantation a breeze!  The Digitexpro has sonix technology which allows for high vibration speeds while no interruption of hand control to the technician. 
Interested in owning your own 2018 Digitex Pro Model