Micropigmentation is an Art! To create the most beautiful and pain-free micropigmentation the Artist requires a sophisticated piece of machinery.  The DigitexPro is quickly becoming a World Leader in Micropigmentation and Body Tattooing . 

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Who can distribute our machines?
Medical Companies
Beauty/ Cosmetology Schools 
Salon and Spa Distribution Groups
Tattoo Supply Shops
Online Supply Stores 

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Frequently asked Questions?
Often companies will ask DigitexPro to order samples:  Our minimun order Quality for a sample order is 10 units for the machines and 10 boxes or needles or pigments (for our distribution pricing scale)

You are most welcome to order 1 sample unit at our regular price and we encourage you to do so.  You will quickly find why the DigitexPro is the top rated micropigmentation machine:
Best Permanent Make-up gun for colour retention (our titanium needles and sonic technology increases the speed of dermal implantation)
Safest Permanent Make-up Machine (zero cross contamination)
Safest Permenent Make-up Needles (zero cross contamination)
Highest Rated Micropigmentation Pigments (higest grade pigments)
Quietest Micropigmentation Machine on the market (No loud sounds or vibration kick back during opperation)
What are the discounts for bulk orders?
A DigitexPro Representative will provide you with the pricing scale once we have authenticated your account and completed our screening process. We do this to protect our hard working distrubution network and also to protect the distrtibution territories of our valued wholesale providers.