Digitex Pro EB - Bodyline Pro Elite Tattoo Machine Gun

EB - Bodyline Pro Elite

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The DigitexPro Digital Tattoo Machine for Body Tattoos offers the future of innovation for the Elite Body Tattoo Artist.  This incredible Tattooing Device has an array of features that will take the guess work out of dermal pigment implantation. The DigitexPro Bodyline Elite has various specialized patented technologies featured below:

Specific Device Calibration
The DigitexPro Bodyline Elite has been expertly calibrated to take the guess work out of choosing what speed to work with while tattooing a client.  You simply choose the area of the body in which you want to tattoo and the machine will instantly calibrate for the average amount of tissue and body fat located in that body region. 

Skin Select Technology
Patented SkinSelect (TM)  Technology is a revolution in Tattooing.  SkinSelect (TM) Technology offers the tattoo artist the ability to simply choose the skin type of the client along the skin gradient and the DigitexPro Bodyline Elite will automatically adjust its settings for the optional speed for that skin type. 

Age Select Technology
Patented AgeSelect (TM)  Technology will guide the tattoo artist to make the proper choice in the speed of the gun when tattooing skin of various ages and elasticity.  AgeSelect (TM) Technology offers the technician the ability to simply choose the age demographic of the client and the DigitexPro will automatically adjust its settings for the optional speed for that type of skin as per the clients age. 

Scalp Micropigmentation and Hair Restoration Functionality
The DigitexPro Bodyline Elite offers Smart technology for Scalp Micropigmentation and all of the treatments associated with dermal implantation and hair restoration. The DigitexPro Bodyline Elite offers pre-calibrated settings for Scalp Micropigmentation, Female Density Treatments, Male Density Treatments, Scar Restoration, Hair Transplant Scar Restoration.


  1. 3 hand pieces can be operated at the same time: speed can be adjusted independently. Includes 1 wireless hand piece that will operate without a cord; to create greater ease when the techician has to do finishing touches. The cradle or resting point for the pen handpieces are equipped with induction setting: the pens (handpieces)  will pause automatically while the handpiece is on the holder.  The mahcine will automatically be in drive mode once the technician picks the handpiece back up. 
  2. Canadian made glass touch screen with size 8 inch Display - fully automated with smart digital programming.
  3. Canadian made circuit board that has been programed to assist the technician in all treatment specifications.
  4. Sonic technology adjustable range is from 50 to 280 NPS (NPS express needle frequency per second).
  5. German Engineering, Motor made in Germany.
  6. Portable Aluminium Carrying Case for ultimate protection while transporting.

Technology: Permanent Makeup Machine 

Model: EB-Bodyline Pro Elite 

Speed Level: 10

Output: 4 - 12V

Handle: 3

Needle: 1R, 3R, 5R, 5F, 7F,  D9, M9, M12, M36, M42, Nano (2D, 3D, 5D, 5R)

Electrical: 100-240VAC, 50Hz/60Hz

Packing Size: 45*32*12cm

Weight: 5.5Kg

Warranty: 1 year (upto 4 years extended)